Online Payment

The cost of the MKP weekend in 2018 is R4,900.00 or the bundled offer including P.I.T. 10 week training occurring post weekend (R5650 = R4900 + R750). Financial assistance is available to enable men who want to participate in the New Warrior Training Adventure but are unable to afford the full fee. The programme’s resources are limited, and its intended beneficiaries are indigent men. Please contact us if you are unable to pay the full fee, or have paid a deposit and will struggle to pay the full balance in a lump sum.

MKP South Africa Bank Account Details:

Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Claremont (no. 104609)
Account Number: 1046482025
Account Name: The Mankind Project of SA Trust

Please use a brief reason and your name as a reference when making payments. E.g. “Donation Joe Bloggs” or “NWTA 65 Fred Baggins”.  When entering an amount, PLEASE ensure it has the cent amount added, E.G. R5650 must be entered as R5650.00 or it won’t go through. 

Credit Card Payments 

 (Including Budget payments for SA Bank accounts)

Detail of training
Our payment service provider charges MKP SA 5% for all credit-card payments. Would you be willing to pay 5% extra to cover these charges? [This is a voluntary donation only. If you decline it will in no way affect your standing or the service provided to you by MKP SA]